Welcome to a mental health education website designed for your needs.  I’m George Daniels, a mental health researcher with 34 years of experience in the counselling field.  I also have bipolar II disorder which is very well managed so I know what it is like to be where you are.

The blog begins with my new book The Practical Mental Health Guide which will be published in September.  You can order an advance copy below for 25% off after I install the right plug-in so come back for this great deal!

You should use this site as a one stop resource to help you figure out what your problems are about and the best possible approach.  I focus on the most common and most treatable biological psychiatric problems: clinical depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders, and ADHD.

Twenty-five percent of people suffer with these and 70% of them don’t know it.

The blog will be very active to update you on the latest information.